Backward Through

last night i lay dreaming of childhood past

in a golden world only a child

as lucky as me

who knew innately that everything is

a part of everything you see

where dandelions seed wishes could be blown

all the way to the moon

and pulling honeysuckle blossom stamens

backward through

would reward you with a drop of sweet

honey on the end of your tongue

BUT i awoke

to tin soldiers marching in rows

poisoning and tromping

no cares in their world

as devastation and sadness

seeped deep into my pores

and reality so madly

came knocking at my door

5 thoughts on “Backward Through

  1. victorperrotti says:

    lily, this is good! I very rarely write of my own childhood; it is important to keep a child’s view along side the adult view; i look forward to reading more of your thoughts -v

  2. V says:

    lily, i really like this; i don’t often write of childhood memories; it is good to keep the views of a child along side one’s adult views; i look forward to more of your thoughts; and lovely background 🙂

  3. Orgyofthemind says:

    The background is pretty awesome isn’t it, the photopgraher is my favorite:) Thank you sincerely, it was tough to put it out here but your encouragement sure helps, quite a bit actually. I hope to grow and continue on and maybe, just maybe, put some of my really old writing that I have never revealed to the light of day on here too. We shall see. Lily

  4. This. I see “you” here in this. If you don’t start writing again I will do… oh let’s just say “Whitey Things” muaaahahahahaha!

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